TLC Auto Livery Leasing in New York City, Rockland, Westchester, Bergen and CT provides the following benefits for you so you can start your very own business in no time! Our services are for all our customers who want our car leasing services in New York City, Rockland, Westchester, Bergen and CT! We provide livery and vehicle leasing in New York City, Rockland, Bergen, Westchester and CT!

Services at a Glance!

  • Easy to lease! All good drivers are approved.
  • Drivers own their cars starting for only $750 at the end of their lease term!
  • Reliable new or low mileage livery vehicles available
  • NYC TLC registration guaranteed with a valid license
  • Camera Systems, Panic Light & GPS available on all cars
  • Referral incentive program for each driver
  • Small personal loans available up to $2,500
  • Free storage of your vehicle if you go out of town
  • In-house specials available for service
  • Multiple locations available in boroughs of NYC as well as in Rockland County, NY, Westchester County, NY and new locations coming soon in Connecticut!
  • Serving NY, NJ, and CT. New leasing locations opening very soon!


When you take our livery leasing services in New York City, Rockland, Bergen, Westchester and CT, you should become worry free, as all our vehicles in NYC are licensed. If you’re a good driver, and have a clear record, then you’re approved and can easily avail the livery vehicle leasing facility from us in New York City with a guaranteed registration!


Worried about insurance? Don’t! Because all our vehicles in New York City, Rockland, Bergen, Westchester and CT can be insured and licensed! We take care of all the insurance needs of your livery vehicle in New York City all you have to do is make affordable weekly payments to own your leased vehicle at the end of the lease period.


All our livery cars come installed with the Global Positioning System (GPS). This is to ensure your vehicle is at a safe location and just in case it is lost or stolen, the GPS system can easily track it down. In addition, it’s great to locate in case of a mishap, accident or other emergencies! Thus your livery vehicle is safe at all times.


All our livery leasing vehicles in NYC can come installed with a camera! The camera systems inside  your car can help you keep track of driving speeds, safe driving, and can even give you a video footage, if you have given the car in the hands of a young or a new driver. You really can’t trust a new driver to stay out of mishaps! Also, in case of accidents, the camera systems allow you to assess the severity and alert you to reach the spot in time with the help of GPS!