Lease a fantastic livery vehicle!  No huge cash outlay. Very flexible down payment options available. Lease rate includes registration with TLC commission, insurance, GPS, and more.  Don’t worry about anything but driving your new livery car or SUV.  The best part is you can buy out your lease at term end for a minimal amount.

Turn-key livery vehicle-“Livery Lease to Own” program. You decide how to drive your dream and operate your own livery car business. We just help you along the way to fulfill your dream! All drivers are approved*

TLC Auto Leasing offers leases over a 2 ½-3 ½ year period. Such payments are weekly. When the payment period is over, you can buy your car for only $750-$2,500! This covers the title transfer fee and final balloon payment. We only offer quality cars, so that at the end of the payment period, your car will last for years to come.

How do I lease a TLC approved vehicle? All you need to do is pick the vehicle you want. The company then registers the vehicle with the NY Taxi and Limousine Commission (NYC TLC). Insurance for Livery vehicles can also be provided.

Our most popular vehicles include ready Toyota Camry, Chrysler 300, Chevy Suburban, Lincoln MKZ and Toyota Sienna. All you need is your hack licence.  If you do not see the vehicle you want, we can special order it and have it available within days.

  • Everyone is approved unless you have a prior repossession or failed child support payment
  • Everyone is approved with a valid TLC drivers license (aka Hack License) & a letter from the “base” of their choice