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Lease a livery vehicle in NYC, Rockland, Westchester, Bergen and the CT area and drive your dream! TLC Auto Leasing facilitates you to get on the road behind the best wheels and make great money! Don’t worry about credit; we help all good drivers to lease their own livery vehicle in New York City (NYC) Metro Area, as well as CT, Rockland, Westchester and Bergen Co., NJ. Who would deny that the best way to move about in America is by auto? TLC Auto Leasing specializes in leasing the latest models of the best quality vehicles that are legally approved and registered under the Taxi and Limousine Commission of NYC. Our terms are the most flexible in NYC. The vehicles include all those that are turn-key, licensed, insured; and ready to make money for you! We currently cover the entire metro-NYC area including:

  • Bronx, NY.
  • Port Chester, NY (Westchester)
  • Congers, NY (Rockland)
New Locations OPENING SOON:

  • Stamford, CT
  • Bridgeport, CT
  • Boston, MA
  • Bergen County, NJ,
  • Patterson NJ,
  • Mahwah, NJ
Our services are for anyone who wants to drive a livery car or SUV and pay low weekly payments! Accompanied with the hire would be a surety that the vehicle would be in an excellent condition that guarantees no room for any breakdowns or other unwanted situation. Have the vehicle of your dream within a short time. Read More »

Car Leasing

Drive your future.  Lease a high quality livery vehicle.  Then buy it for only $750-$2,500 (Depends on Vehicle)!! Turn-key livery vehicle-“Livery Lease to Own” program. You decide how to drive your dream and operate your own car business. We just help you along the way! We work with all drivers to get them approved quickly and make money with their livery business. The features we offer make people instantly decide on going for it.  
  • Vehicle registered with NYC TLC Commission
  • Insurance included in weekly fee rate
  • We lease all makes and models.
  • TLC lease terms range 2.5-3.5 years
  • Flexible payment schedules - low down payment options
  • At end of the payment period, you can buy car for only $750-$2,500
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“Livery leasing was easy! Leased a 2013 Toyota Camry in Black - with GPS and insurance included.  Fully registered with NYC TLC commission.  All I had to do was drive.  They worked with me and gave everything I needed to be a successful driver.”
“Flexible payment terms and many different types of down payment options...EASY livery leasing in metro NY ...THANKS TLC Auto Leasing!"
“Lease livery with TLC.  100% satisfied!  They helped me tremendously.”
"Right after I got my hack license, the program worked with my limited budget and leased me the perfect car to get up and going.  The owners worked directly with me and tailored a program to work with my budget and livery car needs.  I am driving a fantastic Toyota Avalon with the livery package and they included insurance in my weekly lease rate."
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